Wood Fencing or Vinyl: Which is best for you?

In addition to trusting the right fence contractor in Ocean or Monmouth counties to do the job, it is important to decide what type of fence you would like to have installed. Vinyl and wood fences are the most popular choices among homeowners and businesses looking for privacy and security for their property. Which of these is best for you?

Wood Fence


Wood fences don’t require maintenance, but some people will treat or stain them to keep their fence from weathering. This is a labor-intensive job that should be done every five to seven years to keep the fence looking good. Wood fences can deteriorate from UV rays from the sun, rain and other weather conditions. Insect infestations can also limit their life expectancy if left untreated.

Vinyl fences have much lower maintenance needs, and can simply be cleaned with soapy water and an auto or boat brush to keep it looking new. If mold builds up, the fence can be carefully power washed with bleach and water. Power washing can damage your fence if not done carefully. Vinyl fence will last a lifetime and keep its original look if cared for properly with minimal or no maintenance. Vinyl fences are less vulnerable to UV rays from the sun, rain or snow and should not have any problems with insect infestations.


Generally speaking, vinyl fences last a lifetime if cared for properly. They will stand up well to heat, cold, rain or snow.

A well-maintained and properly installed wood fence can last 10 to 20 years before the fence may deteriorate to the point where it needs to be torn down. Pressure treated wood is the most durable and can last 20 plus years, cedar the most popular choice of wood fence will last from 15 to 20 years and spruce typically will last 10 to 15 years. These are typical life expectancies that a wood fence will last depending on several environmental and weather conditions.


Wood fences can be built in several types or styles for a variety of purposes. Picket, shadowboard, and solid are the main types of wood fences. They are typically built from spruce, cedar, or pressure treated lumber. Although the designs are the same the types of wood, all have different appearances. You can first choose the type and style of fence for your purpose and then decide what type of lumber is best for your personal application and needs. Typical styles are crowned, scalloped, dog-eared, regular point, or gothic. They can all be applied to any type of fence and any kind of lumber. Our custom board fences are all built to order and can be customized to your specifications depending on the appearance you are looking for.

Vinyl fences are manufactured from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC),a synthetic plastic polymer, and have a modern more refined finished look. They typically come in white and tan, but more recently some companies have developed vinyl made in practically any color. Newer technology has brought about textured vinyl that looks like stained finished wood. Vinyl types or styles are similar to wood; with options like picket, semi private and solid. Styles such as lattice or spindle topped solid fences have become very popular.


The cost between a vinyl and wood fence have become much closer as the cost of lumber has increased and the revolution for maintenance free vinyl has increased and reduced the cost. While the initial cost of wood may be lower in some situations, the value and life expectancy of the vinyl far exceeds the initial cost because of its long-term value. Initially, more economical spruce wood fencing is usually less expensive than vinyl fences but a quality cedar and vinyl fence are now similar in cost.

When you take into account the long-term value of vinyl, it far exceeds the small initial savings of a wood fence. Although some people still admire and want the look of a natural wood fence.

Find out how much a wood or vinyl fence will cost for your home.

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