Old Bridge Fence Company – Whether Or Not To Seek Consent From A Neighboring Landowner

Old Bridge Fence Company – Whether Or Not To Seek Consent From A Neighboring Landowner

There is no single person out there who does not love being among neighbors. In majority of jurisdictions, Old Bridge included, you can erect a fence without seeking consent from neighbors. All it takes is to have an Old Bridge fence company on site and letting them do the rest. In any case, the person on the neighboring land should count their luck that one end of their property has a fence. Nonetheless, disputes do occur once in a while.

How do you handle property demarcation disputes? This may call for the intervention of a land surveyor. Once each person has identified where the beacons are located, determining the boundary lines is easy. Under such circumstances, the Old Bridge fence company personnel will ensure that the fencing material lies on your side of the boundary. This will in effect allow your neighbor to put up with your fence or install his own on the other side.

Old Bridge Fence Company

Once the fence is up, your Old Bridge fence company will be paying you regular visits in order to maintain or repair the structure. They may be required to step on the neighbor’s land in order to undertake some repairs. Seek written consent from your neighbors in good time. If this is not possible, you can have the fence a foot or two away from the demarcation line. This way, your service contractor will work on the fence without setting foot on another person’s land.

There is no legal provision that compels you to seek the neighbor’s consent when putting up a fence. However, it is important that you keep the fence within the confines of your property. Again, get to know what the residents association and city by-laws allow. Give the Old Bridge fence company the right instructions. They could also use the surveyor’s map for further direction.


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